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Hello! I am so excited you are here!

As you probably have already guessed, my name is Kristin. I am a self-taught natural light photographer that loves capturing emotion and the human connection. I am the type of person that will hug you when I meet you and could probably strike up a conversation with a wall if I really tried. I am originally from Las Vegas but always knew I belonged somewhere out in the country. We share our home with a menagerie of pets and someday I hope to add chickens and goats to the dog, cat, and rabbit we are currently loving on.   


My goal is simple. I want to put your little moments in a picture so you can see just how special your connections are.


I don't want you to look at your pictures and say "that's a nice photo" I want you to LOVE your pictures because they make you FEEL something (and because you look pretty dang good in them too)!


I love the ways a picture can make you feel. To me they are timeless.

Growing up my dad always had a camera strapped to his hand. He loved capturing our memories, our triumphs, and all the moments in between. I rolled my eyes at the time, but after losing my dad at an early age I realized how much those pictures meant. As cheesy as it sounds, you really don't know how much a picture means until it is all you have.

When my first son was born, I dusted off my dad's dslr and was intent on capturing every moment of his tiny existence. Time isn't only fleeting because our time here is limited. Moments are fleeting because they are just that - moments. My son was only going to have those chubby little thighs and fit in my arms for so long and I didn't want to forget a thing. 


Thank you for reading! I hope I get the chance to learn about you too!

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